DIY Tip - Patch Panel with Veltex

img-6412.jpgPictured is 1 of our first prototype 18" x 24" Tan Veltex Patch Panel, aluminum backed  from
2010 with our Dec 2019 batch of 24" x 36" Black Veltex Patch Panels, coroplast backed

As many of you know, we came up with some of the first patch panels in the patch market back in 2010.   We made ours with an expensive low pile loop material made by YKK. Our original patch panels we have manufactured by a local tactical gear, contract manufacturing company.  These were expensive for us to produce on top of the premiums we paid for material. This priced us out of the market as other vendors were making patch panels with normal loop material.  But the low pile nature of YKK loop, let hooked back patch stick to the material securely, but it was much easier to remove the patches.  This saved many patches from the sewn on hook backing being pulled off.

But we never stopped making patch panels, due to the nature of our business. We use Velcro brands loop material called Veltex.   It is also a low pile hook material, but it's sold in 60" wide rolls. We use Veltex to cover doors or makes walls of loop materials for our dealers display patches to sell.

We make a batch of these lower cost patch panels to give to our friends and dealers a few times per year.  We want to share the budget friendly process with you and hope you'll see how affordable is and creative you can get with these.  

 The DIY version uses the following materials.

  • Velcro - Veltex
  • Coroplast Plastic Corrugated Sign Boards
  • 3M - 77 spray adhesive


Tools used:

  • Scissors
  • Roller Cutter
  • 36" Ruler/Straight Edge
  • Cutting Mat
  • Goof Off (Optional. Great for removing spray adhesive)

The beauty of this project is you can make any size panel, or even bypass a panel and adhere the Veltex direct to large areas.This guide will show you how we make a 24" x 36" patch panel.  

List of material with 2019 pricing, not including shipping:

  • Coroplast Corrugate Sheets 24" x 36" - $5.59 (Amazon)
  • Veltex - Black 60" x 3 yards - $40.50 (Levitt Hook and Loop)   

3 yards of material can make at least 5, 24"x 36" panels.  Cost for materials for each panel is - $13.69.


Step 1 - Unroll enough Veltex material to lay plastic panels on top.  I this case we get 2, 24" wide panels side by side on the 60" wide Veltex.

Step 2 - I roughly cut around each panel leaving at least 2"-3" of material larger than the panel.

Step 3 - Using the spray adhesive lightly coat the back side of the Veltex.  Also coat 1 side of the plastic panel. 

Step 4 - Face the sides with adhesive so they bond to each other.  Make sure you center the panel so there is as much extra material on each side as possible.


Step 5 - Using the width of a straight edge (In this case 2"), use it as a guide for the roller cutter to trim away the excess and square up each side of material.


Step 6 - Put the straight edge over each corner at a 45 degree angle (It doesn't have to be exact).  Trim the corners off. 

Step 7 - Spray the over hanging material with a light coating of spray adhesive.


Step 8 - With clean hands, roll the excess material onto edge, then to the back of the plastic sheet. If done right, the back corners should have a clean finished look.

Step 9 - Let adhesive set at least 30 minutes. 


Step 10 - Use a leather hole punch to make holes on the corners of the panels.

These patch panels are very lightweight due to the corrugated plastic panels. We've also made these panels with steel, aluminum and wood paneling. 

Hope this helps all you patch collectors display your patches and give you ideas on other ways of building this type of display.